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How to make plastic mold


How to make plastic mold? It needs these machines to make mold: CNC , EDM, wire cutting machine, miller, lather, driller.

The mold components includes: mold base, cavity, core, ejector pin, sprue, location ring, side lock, screw, water plug, etc.


The mold making process as below:

1, design mold drawing

 It is most important step to make plastic mold. The mold will be made according the drawing.  

Quality mold drawing means less cost in mold making and plastic molding.

2,purchase mold base, core and cavity steel, ejector pin and standard components.

3,drilling water channel

4, CNC machine cut the core and cavity steel to get the primary product shape.


5,heat treatment for the cavity and core to improve the harness from HRC30 to HRC52. This is called harden mold, the mold life is more than one million shots.  The soft mold cavity and core needn’t be heat treated, the mold life is under 500K shots.

6,Fine CNC milling for the core and cavity.

7, make copper electrode

8,EDM core and cavity to get the details of part.

9, Fit mold parting line 

10, polish cavity and core or making texture 

11, assemble mold

12, mold trial to check mold function and get plastic samples  


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