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About us

Gmold is a professinal manufacturer and exporter in plastic mold and Plastic molding products base on the good organiazation,first-calss management,strong engineering terms.We have imported the adanced mold tooling equipments,Such as High speed CNC machine,Mirror EDM,High precision Wire Cut etc..

Gmold was localed at Shenzhen city,China.It was just a few worker when it started.Since many years continuate development,We have been a middle-size of plastic mold manufacturer.Now, we have 200 staffs in Injection molding Department;More than 90 skilled tooling artificers;12 designers and engineers and 5 project engineers.


We can keep our mold tooling career grows up quickly bacause we provided the precise lead time and the High quality mold and molding product service. cooperative engineering communication,technologic support and admirable attitude.

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