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Address: Qianfu Building, Laojie Road, Shiyan ,Shenzhen, China                         
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Mold FAQ

What is your main business?

Plastic Injection mold, Die casting mold, Plastic parts Molding, Rapid mold, MUD mold


What is your secondary business?

Prototype, Pad print, Paint, Plating, Parts assemble,Part design


What molds have you build?

We have build soft mold,hard mold, hot runner mold.  The mold structure includes: slider, lifter, slider in slider,  lifter in slider,  unscrew mold,  over mold,  insert mold.   Twice ejection mold, Two shots mold.


How many molds can you build every month?

We can build 50 molds everth month.


What is mold size do you build?

The mold size is from 150x150mm to 1400x1800mm


How many employees do you have?

We have 200 employees.


 What's the mold life? 

We build from Class A to Class C molds, the mold life is from 1000K to 100K shots


What industries do you serve?
Automotive, Electrical, Household, Mobile phone and Medicine Instrument etc.


What engineering plastic material did you use?
We have rich experience in a lot of engineering plastic material, such as PA66, PPS, PBT, PS  PC, PMMA, Etc..


What standard do you use?
We use metric standard for Europe molds, imperial standard for North America molds. Such as DME , Hasco


What steel and supplier do you use?

We use H13, P20, NAK80, S-7, S136, etc.  

The supplier are ASSAB (Sweden), FINKL (America), THYSSEN (German), LKM


 What hot runner do you use?
We used Mastertip, Hasco, Yudo, and Husky hot runner, etc.  


What type of CAD Files is acceptable for you?


What software do you use?

We use Pro/e, UG, Solidwork, Master/CAM, Auto/CAD, Moldflow


Do you sign non-disclose agreement document?
Yes,we sigh non-disclose agreement document. we understand the sensitive nature of your project. We will not disclose any kinds of informations to the third party.

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