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what is injection molding


   Injection molding machine               Plastic material               Plastic  injection mold


what is injection molding? Injection molding is a process that from the raw material to final product. There are three main elements: injection molding machine, injection mold, plastic material (raw resin).


The solid plastic material will be heating to liquid in injection machine , then the liquid material be injected into mold, when the liquid material be cooling down, open the mold pick up the plastic part.   


The injection molding cycle time includes: injection time, holding pressure time, cooling time, ejection part time, mold open and close time. When we can get the qualitified products the cycle time is the shorter the better.  The most time is cooling time, so the good cooling system injection mold is very important. The cooling channel need be sufficient. “Time is the money” is very ture for injection molding.  


The plastic products can be in any required color when we mix up the right master-batch or color powder with plastic resin. 


The usually products’ defect is: sink mark, short shot, weld line, flow mark, injection mark, white mark, warpage, etc.  We can adjust the injection molding parameter to improve or solve the defect.

Now, you may have a primary concept about what is injection mold. More informations  please click Injection molding products



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