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New material for fire alarm device part

It's must be take more attention to Fire alarm part material on the building.We introduce some new invention of the fire alarm device materials

1. Polymeric-multifunctionalfiber
Its advantage is fireproof,waterproof,nice compression strength and the price is lower.

It is a trepanning Foam made by tripolycyanamide, its easy to  progress into variform products.It has advantage as good  acoustic absorption.lower density,B1 level Fireproof effect.It be use for a range place, for fire alarm device,Machine fabrication traffic products series. Etc.

It is a new concept fireproof material.This kind of material has good rate of expand,and the rate>10.It was use to make Wire and Fire alarm devices.

It is a new material, light,nice re-pressure effect.This material is suit for fire alarm device etc.

The fire alarm material must has advantages.for:Light weight, great fireproof, High melting and have great chemical resistance.

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